The peace of planning


I have been a financial planner since my late 20’s.

I want to help others to see the value of financial planning. There is “big picture” thinking with financial planning with its steps along the way. It is about getting on a track for savings and over time it adds up to a substantial amount.

We can plan for events and things in our life that we want like: having a property or house, having and raising children and planning for retirement.

The areas of discussion here include the macro and micro economy, tax law changes and health care costs, inflation, college costs and If you have any area of finance related interest, let’s dialogue and with others too !

It is important to prepare and have a planned financial course to follow to prepare for our goals, it takes planning and preparation.

I hope to make this interesting and less fearful and daunting. My interest is to help people,  and to reach people and including those I may not otherwise be able to help in person.

It is good to encourage others to financially plan including the adults and the children in our lives that we influence.



1 thought on “The peace of planning”

  1. Thanks for liking my “Toby” post and drawing. Didn’t know that you are a financial planner. Good luck with your website.


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