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It’s useful to manage expenses more closely and clearly with a written Montly Budget.


Create a budget, your budget. Modify this for yourself-


We can organize our montly needs and goals clearly written.

A goal is to be realistic, efficient in our spending and effective in reaching our goals for funding each month. Some months have extra expenses: December and a summer month when we go on vacation as well as heating bills and air conditioning. We can add those specific items into the appropriate month.

We need to be prepared to save for: emergency funding needs, future funding for education, mortgages and retirement savings. These require systematic montly saving and to plan to include *factoring in for inflattion. Progress can be measured and paced with a followed plan.

Who needs to budget? Most people benefits from budgeting –  teens and college students benefit and to learn early, wage earning and those that are spending, families, and seniors benefit by following a budget.

If you inherit money or win money, it can be spent fast impulsively, keeping to a budget is useful here too.

*Budgeting skills can be usefully applied to specific events: a wedding, vacation etc.

Look at monthly, then quarterly and finally the annual expenses and your savings over time. 

Write it out: using a free monthly budget worksheet found online (modify as you need), make an excel spread sheet or write it down on a piece of paper for starters.

Needs & Wants (prioritize) – and also control your impulse spending 

  1. make 2 columns – the essentials/needs and extras/wants
  2. you may put them in order of importance if you like, prioritize (based on your values) – for example I want a a dinner out more than a new small piece of jewelry
  3. look at your bank statement montly and see where you can cut back to stay in budget-loosen or tighten a little, keep in mind annual goals, funding bigger purchases and longer term goal *keep in mind inflation when funding longer term goals, write it out and map it out

Keeping a budget is assuring and makes us stay on track, it gives us peace of mind.

Make your own list


What areas have you worked on to make yourself more efficient with yourmoney, using a budget and monitoring spending, please share?!

ways that may add up to a substantial savings

  • make your own coffee
  • breakfast/meals at home more than ordering in or eating out
  • take your lunch to work
  • more natural foods, less processed and prepared foods
  • save energy-thermostat setting

*Our choices are based on values, desires and goals. They are personal. Know your values, goals and needs vs. wants.

This general info is to be useful to encourage disciplined spending/saving.  I’m interested in developing this topic more to meet your needs and to answer your questions. I enjoy helping you to take better care of yourself financially.

Share thoughts and blog freely-

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