Country Specific ETF Investing

Lately, though the emerging market seems to emerge and not and when it does, it does with hesitation and some areas grow quickly.

Generally, I do not recommend products. I personally prefer Vanguard funds as a rule – because of their integrity, low cost products and sufficient variety of funds to portfolio balance, with lower risk and broader – style diversified emerging market mutual funds.

The ETF in specific countries spike up and down or glide up with good growth, you take the risk with the reward. Also, you take the risk with the risk and no promises for reward.

For some watchful investors, country specific investing has its place in a portfolio….with a close watchful eye. Pay attention – using the NY Times and Yahoo finance pages, for examples. I am not taking responsibility here for you but to say these products like Peru did very well as you can see online for yourself. It is a choice based on your risk tolerance to buy into some of these countries.

Peru, Argentina, Brazil, and Austrailia are represented. Also, the more well known funds iShares China and Japan, Belgium, Ireland and Denmark are well performing funds historically, with variations with the market volatility.

Buying these ETF funds is a strategy within a context of an overall portfolio diversification.

I am making people aware of products, should they not know, to keep an eye on and consider. Having some global exposure is recommended by the major funding companies, with care in context of your age, goals, strategy and diversification -risk tolerance and time horizon for when you need the money. It is all a part of an overall architectural portfolio plan is the context.


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