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  • Spend less
  • Eat (fruits and vegetables, grains) low salt foods and good fats
  • Strengthen, stretch, cardio exercises, and drink water
  • Improve credit scores, use the credit card when you have the funds, careful here


  • Cable, internet and phone – investigate ways to save here
  • Shop carefully and find places to shop online
  • No one store has all the deals-fine new stores and value promotions
  • Piggy bank lose change


  • Keep a budget and track starting your February 2016 spending
  • Track your spending patterns monthly, weekly
  • Buy with a plan, not on impulse
  • Prevention care in health and dental care
  • Buy the raw ingredients vs. canned, pre-made and frozen, cook instead/freeze
  • Coupons/find the discounts
  • Save for emergencies, for disability, unemployment periods, and for vet bills
  • Buy toilet paper, diapers in bulk, and clearance items that you need or will need
  • Live on less than you make
  • During periods of inflation you are able to maintain your lifestyle 
  • Follow a discipline: make your coffee, bring your lunch and eat out as a treat
  • Make a shopping list and live on a budget
  • Avoid bounced checks, pay off debt use free ATM machines
  • Shop for best insurance rates, have insurance that you need to cover risks
  • Have a house or apartment of the right size, not too big
  • Live near work, save on transportation – car pool for example
  • Refinance when needed and appropriately cost effective
  • Chose repair contractors that are cost effective
  • Weatherproof your home for summer and wintertimes
  • Shop at thrift stores or other second hand sources
  • Hand wash vs. dry clean, when you can
  • Line dry vs. dryer
  • Use library books and services
  • Buy gifts in advance, on sale
  • Have pot luck parties, lower cost entertainment at home
  • Prepare your taxes carefully
  • Participate in programs advantage for your home, education, business etc.
  • Max out your IRA matching offered from your job

—ideas for you and your family or offer these to friends !