• One of the challenges today is who to listen to as one needs good information and its financial planning application. The source should be considered as people who provide information are biased with political and self motivated interests posing a conflict of interest namely theirs vs. yours.
  • Know what you have, financially and in assets and examine what you need and want continually prioritize your goals.
  • Principles are true in terms of the math and probabilities that apply to financial markets and in terms of time value of money. It is important to understand the world changes and evolves with new factors or variables to consider, customized decisions are important and their application to each persons or family situation and to be modified as situations change internally or externally with markets.

We are hit with information regarding finances and the economy in 2016 with the U.S. markets falling and global growth on the ice, being sold on “truths” of peoples views be careful of reliable information. Beware of who your source of information is if they are political or trying to sell you something. If someone promises and is too sure of the future they are not honest, no one knows but what the past and past patterns reveal and correlations between variables as the past dictates.

You need to make money and manage your money – for any lifestyle, we all do and to not is very costly and risky in itself.

Assess every aspect of your financial life—including saving, investments, insurance, taxes, retirement, and estate planning—and develop a detailed strategy or financial plan for meeting all your financial goals.


UNEMPLOYED OR DISABLED – disrupted cash flow, short or long term

A period of limited or no income-disability or unemployment periods potentially short term or long term


Long-term retirement planning, considering cash flow and inflation; 401K, ROTH

Funding goals of mortgage or education primarily, other is for a second home or vacation lifestyle for examples


Insurance needs and costs is important to mitigate risk and so is a savings if you elect to rely on that, for those that need PLUP there is no adequate substitute


Reducing tax liability to have more cash free for your use-tax now or defer


Step 1: Establishing and defining the client and personal financial planner relationship

Step 2: Gathering client data and determining goals and expectations

Step 3: Analysing and evaluating the client’s financial status

Step 4: Developing and presenting the financial plan

Step 5: Implementing the financial planning recommendations

Step 6: Monitoring the financial plan and the financial planning relationship

Audrey Lynn Epstein  M.S. ED Lehman College ; MPA – Baruch College, New York City

Experience:  planning/teaching, licensed teacher and recreation therapists-worked for 25 years with children with special needs and with families – children and adults living in long-term care (nursing home and hospitals)

MPA – focus public policy analysis and evaluation, and nonprofit administration.

I understand the systems and how they work-education, health care, insurance, financial and how the economic and government administrative and legal regulations are an impact through cycles of change.

Completed the CFP planning coursework through Dalton/NYU affiliate

  1. professional – self employed in business DBA NYC in graphics for business advertising design
  2. personal investment experiences 30 years through the many economic cycles
  3. business and corporate structures, real estate, commercial real estate, family businesses
  4. insurance needs, end of life needs – worked 18 years in long-term care, know disability, health and life insurance
  5. planning for college, loans, grants and scholarship



  • Estate Planning-inheritance and planning documents
  • Investments
  • Education Funding
  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Senior Issues (including health insurance and long-term care)



Financial Planning

Written Analysis



Provide Ongoing Advice with updates and evaluating based on these updates

Experience/Compensation varies


Keep a dialogue opened and please write with any questions or resources you may need.

I’m good at capturing your values, needs and priorities with connecting you to resources.

I am glad to help. I am not charging for services at this time so feel free to write !