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Make yourself known.

Google plus and a blog are free. My web host is about $75.00 for three years plus domain names at about 10$ per year each. This is about the price of business cards over a three years time. It is cost cutting to do together.


Did you think of it – in this way ?

Go online/it is is more green – in more than one way.

1. promotion and marketing have the potential for making money GREEN

2. promote yourself online thereby reducing printing costs

3. this is good for the environment GREEN


Visit for an example:

General info:

Where you set it up !

3 Three things you need to know:

  1. You are underemployed, in using their talents, skills and income because you are unknown.
  2. People can market themselves better online starting with a Google Plus account, a simple blog and or a website.
  3. Get started today !

I can help, just ask questions.


Good luck !