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“The entrepreneur is essentially a visualizer and actualizer… He can visualize something, and when he visualizes it he sees exactly how to make it happen.” –Robert L. Schwartz


A goal is a dream with a time frame, time moves onward and the goals and dreams of the business person need to be in place and evolve with ever changing market trends. Goal setting is a process and ongoing. So I cannot stress this enough, as a teacher, musician and graphic artist-goals are the beginning, the process and revised at the end.


Write your goals




Writing gives you clarity.

It motivates you to work your goals, putting them on a schedule helps too

Distractions will be less if you write goals out

It is satisfying to write and celebrate the accomplishments of short term goals marked along the way


We remember our school days and some of you are in school. Which of you write goals, and do you find it useful in breaking down large goals into small ones and seeing progress ?




What is your line of work, art or interest ?

How do you feel goal writing will help you ?


Thank you very much.