Financial planning advise is better from a well-educated person who sees the big picture.

Also, the planner needs to make your interests the focus. The financial planner that fits your needs, listens and provides sound decisions with multiple approaches comes to a conclusion and within this some options. Some products are more expensive and others are less, at the cost of something else like being able to grow wealth vs. increased insurance protection.

My philosophy, is to provide financial consulting without selling product.

And while some clients may want an investor, I will help with investment product choices explaining cost and benefit, then I will send the client to the best low-cost broker for those investment choices, products that meet client’s needs and appropriately.

Right now, I want to focus on being the best at consulting, picking the best value products while not selling products. If I sell products, later on, it will be with a sweep of product choices, not just a small sample. I am not interested in commission, I am interested in helping people.

If you used a financial planner, would you want them to sell you the products, given they sell an array of insurances from various companies ?

I welcome your comments.