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  1. Organize your papers tax forms, from years past and this year. Look to ways you can save on taxes. 
  2. Look at the tax-year changes.
  3. Be careful to not overpay for your tax preparation services, I mean price out and find the most affordable options. (This may include using some affiliation such as your access to union benefit low-cost preparers for example).
  4. Document any questionable information, if you are using a preparer, ask questions that may in the long run save you money and increase the accuracy for this and other years.
  5. File on time, if you need an extension do it on time.
  6. Check your math, use a calculator.
  7. Use Schedule A if you itemize-this benefit can vary each year, keep records and save receipts, you may find itemizing beneficial some years !
  8. If you are good at it, you can do your own taxes possibly, the IRS will answer questions too, just call.  Sometimes our taxes are so formulaic and so similar from one year to the next, that you can do them yourself
  9. Other: protect your privacy with your important papers, think about your relationship with money, think about goals and the unexpected, save more, invest more, think about what you need and what you want, be prepare for a “rainy day”