My finances-are more complex than I think, the myths and realities

Planning for short and long term goals is complex. We change and our needs and goals are revised along the way. Often we underestimate what our financial needs are, and by a margin, life is expensive and our needs and wants are costly.

Items we often consider for financial planning include: saving, insurance, and investment choices. Very well and these are important.

But, it is more than that. This is why financial planning and a planner helps. Progress needs to be tracked along the way, over time, for example once a year or as needed for your costly goals and or changes.

Long-term and short term goals are needed and goals are reached incrementally.

It is important to not delay in the building of savings and investment choices for example.Time is in your favor. Check out your credit union, bank, Vanguard, AARP or other informative website sources for free information, learn and act.

Beat inflation and more for your savings.

There are many number crunching websites for interest on a dollar amount, for various calculators.

If you have any questions and you want me to research something for you and to direct you to some informative websites, I will look up some specific sites, and after, will share it with all.

Have a great day.