This is too much, it is making fun of a serious matter and is in such poor taste, a misplacement of values for sure. I am sad to hear of this.


Pro-abortionstudents of Hunter College, Upper East Side of Manhattan, posted on Youtube a video of  them in their cafeteria laughing and having fun while playing the game called “Abortion Battles”. Students put balloons under their shirts then tried to stab each other’s balloons using plastic knives while screaming “Kill the baby!” The college denies any responsibility and claims to investigate the incident. One male student described the video as “funny” and “weird”. Another woman who posted the Youtube video described the game as “somewhat unorthodox, but it’s really fun!”

For these students to find pretending killing a baby as exciting and fun is an indication of how callous and twisted their minds have become. It’s possible they are planning to have medical career in the future and would specialize in Partial-Birth-Abortion, a late-term-abortion performed even when the mother is nine months pregnant and something that Barack Obama supported and defended while he was still…

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