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I am interested in helping others with asset accumulation, management, conservation and transfer of wealth. This involves law, tax and your personal objectives, regarding your personal or business project finances.


I work in health care and after 20 years in the industry, I practice risk management, have see risks, outcomes of accidents, death, illness, artificial life sustaining, wealth lost to costly health care needs, and participated in helping those in these situations.


Had they known about risks, they may have behaved differently and including with they way they live their lives and in having insurances.

 As a financial planner, I will help people of all income levels to strategically over time and life changes to see the big picture and importance of saving, investing and minimizing tax. Also, I will provide estate-planning suggestions, outside of legal and accounting practices.

My skills are consulting and around planning, grounded in theory and today’s economic and political world. I track trends, we do not know where the markets are going, sources are mathematical models and history help to understand how to invest.


My financial planning service is different because it is about you. There is no conflict of interest. I am not on commission.


Furthermore, I will help you with project management, and decision making, if to or if not to do something, and at what cost the decision or not will cost you either way. 


We pay a price for doing and for not doing.

Financial planning needs and financial needs change with: our own aging, regarding to gather assets, marriage, birth of a child, college planning, retirement time-line needs in reallocation, if to protect and how much for short or long-term disability for example, and if to consider buying real estate vs. renting.


A budget and plan is needed, it is about time and time value to money, it is about deciding and living The Plan that best fits your need or needs.


I want to create a dialogue here to help you, now I am working on my certification, which I will finish this year.


Best of success to you in your journey, it is best to have The Plan that is for your needs, the best plan that reflects your needs, risk tolerance and values.