Do you save and invest ? If so, do you do enough for emergency money needs, other goals ?

Why or why not ?

How much do you want to save for your goals ? What strategies do you take to reach these savings goals ?

1. Spend less

  • take your lunch to work/cook more, make coffee and eat breakfast at home
  • do it yourself
  • shop less as a hobby, buy what you need
  • go generic, if and when you can
  • use the library vs. buying books, download loans from library using apps
  • drive less, walk or take public transit
  • reduce your utility bills: open windows, insulate, energy efficiency all around, including bulbs if they are cost effective
  • do not compare yourself to others in lifestyle, have your private financial lifestyle
  • have a bank that is more cost efficient
  • take advantage of job, union benefits and retirement programs, go to their classes, talk to a job representative

think of ideas on where to cut out your higher cost items that you can control

2. Make more money

  • with hobbies
  • doing what you like
  • start your own business