This is a good outline of the areas of financial planning. Although, each person has different data, needs and goals. Even the state where you live is relevant.

There are many areas to consider:

to get you thinking

  • setting priorities
  • making a budget
  • banking and saving
  • basics of investing and areas to make money grow
  • stocks
  • mutual funds
  • bonds
  • rent
  • buy
  • controlling debt
  • company investing benefits
  • company matching or not
  • children
  • teaching your children about the value of money
  • planning for anything, planning for retirement
  • asset allocation, models for different needs, risks and returns
  • financial help, or do it yourself
  • 401 k / 403 b
  • health insurance
  • other insurance
  • buy a car, lease a car
  • new vs used car
  • tax
  • renters insurance, home insurance
  • auto insurance
  • estate planning