I hope you are doing well in the New Year.

Finances are easy to avoid so I invite you to consider thinking about your finances for today and tomorrow.

What are you worth ?
What is your retirement worth ?
What is your debt ?
What are your monthly bills ?
What is your credit ?

For a start let’s visit some New Year financial goals.

1. Get a better credit card deal, APR
2. Look at your insurance, car and home. Consider different coverage more and or less.

Do you need life insurance ?
Do you need disability insurance ?

If so, look at your over all “Big Picture”
how much insurance(s) do you need.

These needs increase and decrease depending on the insurance product as we age.

What do you need as you age and as your wife/husband/partner and or children age ?
These are factors in coverage, who we consider in our lives.

Do you need to transfer the risk away to you a little more to reduce your cost of insurance premiums and take on a little more risk for the benefit of saving.

Make sure you have savings.

Pay yourself into a savings account !

Set up automatic bill payment for your own savings.

Take care of your finances in 2014.

Have a wonderful day.

Write and converse, comment and share your interests, problems and needs. They can be what a friend needs. I love to talk about finances and the issues are situational. They are specific and particular to you.


Find your bliss: Work it into A Business

What are the set of three of your greatest skills ?

Here are some examples of how to use your talents, some talents you can use in a full or part-time job, you can create your own business with one of these skills:

  • sewing and alterations

  • knitting crocheting, quilting

  • pet care: sitting, walking, grooming

  • house cleaning

  • handy man

  • gardening

  • furniture repair

  • computer troubleshooting

  • Bed and Breakfast

  • blogging

  • auto detailing

  • repair and restore antiques

How would you vision selling a product or service online ?

Comment please.

3 things you did not know – Marketing your business ONLINE

Make yourself known.

Google plus and a blog are free. My web host is about $75.00 for three years plus domain names at about 10$ per year each. This is about the price of business cards over a three years time. It is cost cutting to do together.


Did you think of it – in this way ?

Go online/it is is more green – in more than one way.

1. promotion and marketing have the potential for making money GREEN

2. promote yourself online thereby reducing printing costs

3. this is good for the environment GREEN


Visit for an example:

General info:

Where you set it up !

3 Three things you need to know:

  1. You are underemployed, in using their talents, skills and income because you are unknown.
  2. People can market themselves better online starting with a Google Plus account, a simple blog and or a website.
  3. Get started today !

I can help, just ask questions.


Good luck !


A business plan – mentors – workshops, skills, keeping current




Structured thinking and big picture thinking is good containing all of the elements:

1 Executive Summary

2 Company Summary

3 Products and Services

Market Analysis Summary

Strategy and Implementation Summary

Management Summary

Financial Plan


SCORE: finding a chapter near your zipcode



Consider legal issues and to incorporate

Finances: pricing, taxes, finances

Marketing, advertising, branding

Finding customers

Finding customers online, SEO tips and social media

How many of you use Google Chat with g-mail ?


This is some good advice, I believe in”On the common goods or services one can price compete, the bread and potatoes items. But, t is more important to differentiate than to try to be the cheapest price out there. Create a value, package, strategy and a superior service worth the price in paying.

KEEP UP WITH SKILLS, workshops, books, online reading, organization memberships, collaborating, meetups and other networking helps.


Please, share what works for you to start, build and maintain your business ?


“The entrepreneur is essentially a visualizer and actualizer… He can visualize something, and when he visualizes it he sees exactly how to make it happen.” –Robert L. Schwartz


A goal is a dream with a time frame, time moves onward and the goals and dreams of the business person need to be in place and evolve with ever changing market trends. Goal setting is a process and ongoing. So I cannot stress this enough, as a teacher, musician and graphic artist-goals are the beginning, the process and revised at the end.


Write your goals




Writing gives you clarity.

It motivates you to work your goals, putting them on a schedule helps too

Distractions will be less if you write goals out

It is satisfying to write and celebrate the accomplishments of short term goals marked along the way


We remember our school days and some of you are in school. Which of you write goals, and do you find it useful in breaking down large goals into small ones and seeing progress ?




What is your line of work, art or interest ?

How do you feel goal writing will help you ?


Thank you very much.


Audrey Epstein, M.S. Ed., M.P.A.


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